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Service Authorization

Our Service department consists of certified HP laser printer technicians with a considerable IT presence. To ensure we can repair printers quickly and effectively, we carry one of the largest parts inventories within our market and only in rare instances need to order parts in for your printer repair. The attention to quality in our Green Seal program extends to our service department. Each laser printer is thoroughly inspected and cleaned as they are being repaired to ensure future problems can be avoided.

Support Level 3


In-House Service

When you call us for support, your Territory Manager is dispatched to your office to diagnose the problem. In cases where the issue will require an off-site take apart printer service, he will have your printer delivered to our service department to be thoroughly cleaned, inspected, repaired and post tested. If you cannot be without a printer, we can supply a comparable loaner printer while yours is being serviced.

On-Site Service

We can shcedule a service technician to your office to repair your printer on the spot. In order to minimize the disruption in your office the focus is more on repairing and post testing the printer.


Loaner Printers

Loaner Printer Fleet

We strive to ensure you have no printing downtime. We have a very extensive fleet of loaner printers and usually provide a similar match to your printer to use while yours is repaired and returned. For customers who regularily maintain their printers, there is no charge for this service.


Printer Installing

Installing new printers onto a network can sometimes be tricky and frustrating. We offer a printer installation service for all of our customers. Call us or talk to your Territory Manager. 604-888-7085


HP Warranty Center

Laser Valley Technologies is an authorized HP warranty center. Just like any other repair, we will perform the necessary warranty repairs while you use one of our loaner printers. In some cases, warranty printers are replaced rather than being repaired and we can help you get started with this process if required.

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