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Hewlett Packard E67660z (3GY32A)
This HP Color LaserJet MFP with JetIntelligence combines exceptional performance and energy efficiency with professional-quality documents right when you need them—all while protecting your network with the industry’s deepest security.
  • Colour printing,scan, copy, optional fax P
  • Monthly duty cycle: 4,000 to 30,000 pages
  • 50/50 ppm black/colour
HP BLI Awards
When searching for the right multifunction product for your enterprise, look no further than one of the leading names in the information technology industry. HP recently garnered the Buyers Lab most reliable printer and MFP lines.


HP Print Security isn't just about securing your printer. It's about helping to secure your entire network with real-time threat detection, automated monitoring, and built-in software validation that no one else offers.

View Printer Security - More details(pdf)


HP Open Extensibility Program (OXP) imaging and printing solutions can dramatically improve business processes, but at the same time, they can be costly to implement and manage. That's where HP's Open Extensibility Platform (OXP) steps in. HP's OXP can significantly reduce costs by creating a unified environment so your software solutions, imaging and printing devices, and management tools can work together in a whole new way. More details

Printer Assessment
We will assess your printer fleet and provide you with a summary of your annual printing costs for each printer and the fleet as a whole. We will then provide a printer management strategy which will show where your savings will come from.
Printing Support
Our three level support system is designed to resolve your printing and connection issues quickly and painlessly. Our support team consists of seven Territory Managers with the backing of our service and IT departments. Unfortunatley, problems sometimes occur, but you are in competant hands when you call for our help! Learn More

Need Printer Installation Help?

Printer Installation
Installing new printers onto a network can sometimes be tricky and frustrating. We offer a printer install service for all of our customers. If the printer was purchased from us, this service is included on some MFP models. Call us at 604-888-7085 or talk to your Territory Manager!


Why HP Color Laserjets?

Why HP Color Laserjets?

HP devices consistently offer a powerful combination of performance, ease of use, and overall economy from one end of the portfolio to the other. Empower your office with a color printing device from HP, winner of the Buyers Laboratory LLC Color Printer Line of the Year Award for 3 years running!

The Office Copier Redefined by HP

Why HP Multi-Function Lasers?

HP's line of Muti-Function Laserjets offer many choices which are helpful when choosing a printer to match your needs. Both color and mono models range from small office solutions to large scale printing.
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HP Designjet Z6-44 (T8W16A)
  • 44-in PostScript® Printer
  • Monthly duty cycle: pages
  • ppm black
HP M712n (CF235A)
  • Black-and-white printing
  • Monthly duty cycle: 2000-6000 pages
  • 40 ppm black
HP E55040dn (3GX99A)
  • Color printing
  • Monthly duty cycle: 2000 to 15,000 pages
  • 40/40 ppm black/colour
HP E87660z FLOW (Z8Z17A)
  • Print, Copy, Scan (fax and wireless optional)
  • Monthly duty cycle: Up to 50,000 pages
  • 60/60 ppm black/colour
HP M406dn (3PZ15A)
  • Black-and-white printing
  • Monthly duty cycle: 900 to 4,800 pages
  • 40 ppm black
HP M507n (1PV86A)
  • Black-and-white printing
  • Monthly duty cycle: 2000 to 7,500 pages
  • 45 ppm black
HP M682z FLOW (J8A17A)
  • Print, copy, scan, fax; MFP multitasking supported
  • Monthly duty cycle: 2,000 to 17,000 pages
  • 60/50 ppm black/colour
HP E87640z FLOW (Z8Z13A)
  • Print, Copy, Scan (fax and wireless optional)
  • Monthly duty cycle: Up to 40,000 pages
  • 40/40 ppm black/colour
HP E78330dn (8GS27A)
  • Print, copy, scan, fax (optional)
  • Monthly duty cycle: Up to 30,000 pages
  • 30/30 ppm black/colour
HP M681z (J8A13A)
  • Colour print, copy, scan, fax
  • Monthly duty cycle: 2,000 to 14,000 pages
  • 50/50 ppm black/colour
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