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Managed Solutions

HP OEM Cartridges
If you purchase a qualifying HP Managed printer and enter into a 1-5 year toner agreement, you will qualify for substantial toner discounts (20% to 30%). The price you will pay is equal to our distribution cost. Ask your Territory Manager today or call us at 604 888-7085 to get started on a Managed Printer Program!
*NOTE: Prices are subject to change as distribution costs change
SMP Program
An agreement by Laser Valley Technologies to provide exclusive HP contractual SMP (OEM) Consumables at Laser Valley's net cost from distribution
The agreement will be a period between 1-5 years in length
SMP agreeements result in an approximate 20 to 30 percent lower operating cost than purchasing standard HP OEM consumables on a non-contractual basis (may vary depending on equipment)
SMP cartridges will automatically appear on your account's on-line Cartridge Favorite list for easy ordering, or you can choose to be Vendor Managed
Printtopia Program
An agreement with Laser Valley Technologies to provide a Cost Per Page print management service, between 1-5 years in length
Supplies and maintenance costs will be covered by Laser Valley Technologies for the term of this agreement
The customer will pay a monthly Print Management fee which is determined by the agreed upon Cost Per Page multiplied by the number of pages printed
The Cost Per Page values are based on a 5% (mono) and 20% (colour) page coverage and will be reviewed on scheduled intervals and possibly adjusted due to changes in distribution cost