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Printer Assessment
Are you printing money down the drain?
Not all printers have the same usage costs. Printers have different functions, speeds, usage limits and color usages. Users also have different functional needs and printing requirements. The key to efficiency and cost effectiveness is to correctly match users with the printer(s) that perform the required functions at the optimal printing cost. These are things that we consider when assessing your printer fleet. Our goal is to provide the best cost to benefit ratio for every page printed!
Consider this small office fleet
Printer Assessments
Printer Assessments
Printer Assessments
Printer Assessments
Managed Color Printer (CMYK)
$2,300.00 (LJ 55040)
40 pages/minute
7.80¢ per page
Color Printer (CMYK)
$858.00 (LJ 4201)
22 pages/minute
19.93¢ per page
Managed Mono Printer (K)
$3,100.00 (LJ 60165)
65 pages/minute
0.67¢ per page
Mono Printer (K)
$323.00 (LJ 3001)
21 pages/minute
4.20¢ per page
Printer Assessments
The printing costs between Colour vs. Mono and Managed vs. Non-Managed becomes obvious and can be substantial. We can assess your current fleet situation and prepare a comparison between your current printers or several replacement options. Ask your Territory Manager for more information or call our main office at 604 888-7085 if you are interested in a Printer Assessment
What are some options once a printer assessmnent has been completed?
Shuffle printers around into better suited roles (re-deployment)
Look for redundancy - retire older printers or store redundant printers as spares
Suggest printing usage that matches requirements. ie: avoid colour for everyday internal documents (if possible)
Provide smart printer replacement options. Sometimes it is less expensive to replace a printer than keep printing to it
Our sincere goal is to earn your business and trust, save you money and form a long term partnership!
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