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Not all printers have the same toner costs. Printers have different functions, speeds, usage limits and color usages. To further complicate things, users also have different functional needs and printing requirements. The key to efficiency and cost effectiveness is to correctly match your users with the printer(s) that perform the required functions at the optimal printing cost. These are things that we consider when assessing your printer fleet. Our goal is to provide you with the best cost to benifit ratio for every page printed!
Printer Assessments Printer Assessments


Our assessment begins by collecting the following data: The current page count of each printer and the number of pages printed per year. We will enter the data into our Printer Assessment Tool that will produce graphical reports pointing out any inefficiencies within your printer fleet. This will provide a starting point for developing a five year print management strategy.

Next we will provide you with the following options:
  • Shuffle printers around into better suited roles (re-deployment)
  • Look for redundancy - retire older printers or store redundant printers as spares
  • Provide smart printer replacement options
We will provide new graphical reports comparing your current situation and the new recommendations. We want to earn your business and trust! We want to save you money and form a long term partnership rather than make a quick sale!

How much does your printer cost to print (toner cost)
Call us today (604-888-7085) or speak to your Territory Manager for more information. There is no charge to our customers for a Printer Assessment.