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Serving Our Neighborhood Initiative


What is SONI?


It stands for Serving Our Neighborhood Initiative. Laser Valley is joining together as a team to give back to our local neighborhoods by holding various fund SONI raising events, clothing and food drives and offering volunteer hours to various charities or non-profit organizations throughout the year. Each staff member will be given 8 paid hours to skip work and volunteer a day at a meaningful charity or event within their local community. We would like to bring the Laser Valley Team together towards a common interest of improving our community's health. We hope the fund raising and personal volunteer time will provide staff with a positive experience and a greater appreciation of the area they live in. Sustainability of our community is the most important part of our quality of life!


LVTC's Charity's of Choice


The funds raised and food collected by our team by throughout Surrey Food Bank Union Gospel Mission the year will be donated to the Surrey Food Bank. Clothing collected during specific times of the year will be donated to the Union Gospel Mission. We hope other businesses recognize the value and rewards that come from building up their local community and decide to take action. As a combined force we can make big changes!